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“Other observed entities have been observed to be limited in power. We have very good evidence that Steve Jobs is not all-powerful, and could not create a universe.”

Through the Bible with Les Feldick, Book 60

They think it is one thing? That isn 8767 t possible. Photons simply aren 8767 t translatable into any other fundamental particle.

Famous Dead Nontheists

He it is by whom all things were made, and who was made one of all things who is the revealer of the Father, the creator of the mother the Son of God by the Father without a mother, the Son of man by the Mother without a father the Word who is God before all time, the Word made flesh at a fitting time, the maker of the sun, made under the sun…

Islam Muslim: Islamic Religion, History, Beliefs. Quran

The grandparent post by Ever an Anon argues that this is a mis-framing and misses the point. That the actual lesson of the book was something else entirely, possibly about the danger inherent in any kind of social movement at all. Or at least the danger of the impulse to subsume otherwise sensible ideas into mass social movements.

Notice those words again. This is the second time we have the Great Commission before coming to the Great Commission. What are we to do? What is our mission, our mandate? We’re to go and tell.

Less snarkily, this is a decision every group has to make. Do we welcome carnivores, or are they not welcome here? Same for vegans. And Moslems, Jews, Christians, Atheists, and gays and straights and men and women and all the rest. Decide, damn it.

Oh, little children, if you find Christ tell it to your fathers and mothers. Throw your arms around their necks and lead them to Jesus.

I suspect he chose the book because it runs a highlighter over Scott 8767 s astounding-yet-typical incapacity to 8775 get 8776 Moldbug (or 8775 neoreaction 8776 more generally).

Your Heavenly Father knows that you need ALL THESE THINGS. But seek first His Kingdom and His righteousness, and ALL THESE THINGS will be given to you as well.

He is talking about the end of the age of preaching the Gospel of the kingdom. The end of the age of the Church. The end of the age of the Gospel. The end of the age of Grace.