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I just love sauce, any sauce. I think sauces are what makes food exciting. This stir fry sauce has the perfect consistency of tangy and sweet and caramelized beautifully on the veggies. Definitely a winner!

My Go-To Paleo Stir-Fry Sauce - Eat Drink Paleo

The prevalence of insanely rude commentary on the internet has actually been studied (in non-internet contexts, too!) a few times. I don 8767 t remember the term that is used for it, but it 8767 s sort of like cognitive dissonance: people are much more likely to be rude, hurtful, or inconsiderate when there is physical distance or barriers between the jerk and the victim. It 8767 s sort of worrisome. http:///7567/58/57/troll-psychology-mean-internet/

Crazy Good Peanut Noodles {Quick&Easy, Gluten-Free, Grain

Made this tonight and although it was delicious (even my non-paleo, very picky husband liked it) I had a really hard time getting the crusts out of the pan. They stuck and were impossible to move without mangling. I used a little EVOO after I had to throw the first one away but it was still hard. I used a small pan would it be easier with a larger pan with more room to move them? I want to make them again but need to perfect the crusts first. Thanks for any input to help solve my problem.

Paleo Empanada | My Heart Beets

I think the whole commenting thing is the life of a food blogger I 8767 ve been reading food blogs for a long time and see so many bloggers get bashed by comments. The thing is you can 8767 t make everyone happy and it seems like nowadays people just can 8767 t seem to be nice. That 8767 s everywhere though. You just have an open window (your blog) to take those hits easily. I think you are amazing and obviously there are a ton of other readers that think you are too!

Has anyone tried to make these with organ meats? I want to try incorporating them and this looked like a good way to do it.

Hi Kiran! I haven 8767 t measured I usually just try and fit as much as I can. If you have leftover you can just make more of the crust another day! Let me know how these turn out for ya 🙂

Anyway, to make these shortcakes, you 8767 ll first need to make a batch of my  9-ingredient coconut flour biscuits. The biscuits aren 8767 t sweet on their own, but the sweetness from the berries helps. You can also always add sugar to the biscuits for a sweeter dessert.

my 67 year old calls these 8775 Paleo pockets 8776 and we all just love them! Made them last night and am looking forward to them again tonight!

We must be on the same wavelength, because I made this (almost the same) last night before even seeing this post. It was very satisfying! I really wanted Taco Bell (I know how bad that is, but I was raised on it I crave it.), so this hit the spot. Well done!

I love everything about these except the coconut milk wrapper I don 8767 t like coconut 🙁 Is it possible to use another ingridient, maybe almond milk? or does that not have the right consistency?