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Doctor Eggman (Archie) | Sonic News Network | FANDOM

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Although part of a different continuity, the early Sonic canon shows Sonic and Robotnik as once being good friends, a side of them that's never seen in the games.

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Sonic Advance features four playable characters Sonic the Hedgehog , Miles "Tails" Prower , Knuckles the Echidna , and, for the first time as a playable character in a classic-style 7D Sonic game, Amy Rose. Sonic can have Tails follow him, Sonic 7 -style, by entering a special code at the character select screen. All characters have separate save-games which record their individual progress.

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While victory seemed ensured for the Eggman Empire, the Avatar used a Phantom Ruby prototype Infinite failed to dispose of and cancelled out the projection of the sun. Expressing disbelief that his plans were once again ruined, Eggman had his fleet, army, and Infinite launch a defensive attack. Sonic and the Avatar cornered Infinite and, with their combined powers, finally defeated the villain. Pleading that he still could fight, Infinite finally disappeared, his essence incorporated into the original Phantom Ruby.

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All the characters can perform an attack by pressing the button. These moves are most often less effective than a spin jump or a spin dash due to their short range. One of the characters can make combo attacks by pressing the button repeatedly. These and other special moves are explained below.

While Sonic doesn't necessarily believe Eggman's story about Eggmanland being overtaken by Black Eggman , he and Miles "Tails" Prower venture into the heart of Eggman's empire, prepared to save the world from whatever may get in their way. It doesn't take long for Sonic's suspicions to be confirmed that Eggman was involved from the beginning, the entire expenditure merely a ploy to allow his latest creation Hyper Metal Sonic to be complete, the robot needing Sonic's life data to become fully operational. While Eggman wishes to rule as his game counterpart, he has no qualms with what he plans to do with Hyper Metal Sonic - destroy that which keeps the Land of the Sky afloat, leaving only the Land of Darkness and Eggman's empire.

Though he only physically appeared twice in Silver's story, Eggman was a key villain as his actions, as suspected by Silver, would've have ultimately unleash Iblis, thus turning the world and its future into an apocalyptic state. Ironically, both times he appeared had him abducting Elise and escaping before Silver ended up killing Sonic, thus ensuring that Iblis did not end up released via Elise shedding tears.

Eggman pretends that he has he has turned over a new leaf, but that couldn't fool Sonic one bit. He send out many robots to destroy Sonic, but in the end they just get trashed by the hedgehog. He has used 5 generators to link all planets together however, that was the only thing Sonic knew, so he thought that releasing all of the chained planets would end Eggman's scheme. When Eggman tries to fire the cannon, the energy backfires due to Rotatatron's robotic arm , which was stuck inside cannon. Eggman challenged Sonic to beat him as he was using the negative hyper-go-on energy to power a giant robot called the Nega-Wisp Armor. Sonic manages to beat him and Eggman ends up getting sucked into the black hole created when the negative energy backfired.

Eggman does not appear again until the final story, where he and the rest of Sonic's friends (and Elise) have been sucked into the space rift that was created during the birth of Solaris, and states that Solaris can't be defeated since it exists in the past, present and future. Upon discovering that Sonic could be brought back to life with the power of the Chaos Emeralds , he aids the others by locating the Emeralds using a radar inside his glasses.

Eggman headed back to his pyramid base and encountered Rouge the Bat and Knuckles the Echidna along the way, who were fighting over the Master Emerald. Eggman attempted to steal it, but Knuckles shattered it to pieces to prevent its theft. Not really needing the Master Emerald at that time, Eggman returned to his base and caught up on the news. A newsflash announcing the theft of a Chaos Emerald from Central City 's federal reserve bank caught the doctor's attention, and although the media and public had identified the suspect as Sonic, Eggman knew it could only be Shadow.

It is likely that their alliance fell apart at the end of Sonic Rush Adventure when Eggman Nega nearly blew up the earth against Eggman's wishes. It is also revealed in Sonic Rivals that Eggman Nega is not Eggman's dimensional doppelgänger, but his descendant from at least 755 years in the future, though it's never made clear if Eggman himself knows about this fact.