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I have a 96 civic ex with an 99 acura ls motor smog legal and the check engine light turned on and I check the code and it gives me code 95 Evaporative Emission Control System leak detected in the fuel tank area, can this be my gas cap?

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Very nice install. I am currently piecing up a system for my 7569 accord sport as we speak. I am planning on getting a box made and mounting it on to the rear deck lid, along with an ex rear decklid cover, however I am a bit curious with the rear deck lid rattle. What did you do to prevent the rear deck lid from rattling with the after market sub?

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Earlier this month, I took my 96 Civic EX in for an emission test at the local gas station. To my surprise, the car failed. Not for emissions failure but it was the ODBII system. It was a bit odd because my check engine had not come on to indicate any failure in the system. I was a bit bothered about this since I had not disconnected my battery in the previous days.

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even more interesting, i find it a bit misleading and innaccurate that the light specifically says, "check -engine-", yet the problem was nowhere near the engine.

The most common symptoms when the distributor cap, or spark plug wires go BAD is a misfire condition but a NO START Condition is also possible. If it runs with a misfire, the misfire will usually light up the check engine light (CEL) on your instrument cluster but not always.

OK, to get started, take a look at all of the info in the next headings since they contain all of the essentials you'll need to know, like: common symptoms, tools needed to perform the tests, do's and don'ts, and a little working theory of how the Honda Accord and Prelude igniter (and by extension the entire ignition system) works.

was fair. Before taking to service I read other messages on this page which gave me a good idea what to expect (exhaust system damage/problem) so I decided to share my experience as well. I was happy there wasn't any major damage and expense involved. I hope the problem is fixed

Personally, I thought it was a fascinating -- if dry -- read. But that doesn't change the fact that the 'idiot light' is night useless -- especially when so many vehicles already have a character display of some kind!

O7 sensor-slow response bank 6 sensor 6, maybe be caused by vacuum leaks causing car to run rich and the 57 sensor to go bad due to unbalanced air fuel ratio. fix replace vacuum hoses they are about a dollar per foot. :)

Not a complete list but if in doubt, remember that this type of Honda distributor type ignition system has the ignition coil inside the distributor. If you would like to add/expand to this list. feel free to contact me with the contact form at the end of this article.