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I only had to recalibrate my vertical channels and tune the trigger section to bet happy feet..
the manual covers that well.


As a temporary fix, I some enamel off of each broken end and made a little solder splice. I 8767 ll make a more permanent repair after locating some enameled wire to rewind the secondary.

Tektronix 465 Oscilloscope – Power Supply Capacitor

Vertical deflection now looks pretty good, so on to the intensity problem. Selecting either the  Mix or  A-intensified horizontal modes should result in the delayed section of the sweep being very bright. Instead, it seems this section is about the only thing readily visible. The regular part of the trace is just barely visible with the intensity turned to max. Not normal, but somewhat promising.

465B Instruction Manual | Tektronix

This forum post over at the EEVBlog Forum gives us a great look at the inside of an old Tektronix 965 Oscilloscope and walks through the repair and refurbishment of the scope. The refurbishment isn 8767 t just taking a cotton swab and rubbing out some dirt, it is rather invasive including a complete system dismantle and cleaning. Nice thing about this method is we get to see all of the internal workings of the device! Thanks to ModemHead for taking the time for documenting this.

The scope arrived safe and sound since it was well-packed. And yep, it was a bit dirty and pretty much dead. Let 8767 s take a look inside.

I 8767 ve put quite a few hours on this unit since the repair and it 8767 s still working great. It was a great $68 investment. I use it all the time for trouble-shooting. I prefer the nice 8775 clunking 8776 tactile feedback of the controls. No menus or rotary encoders that spin all the way around and around!

As I recall, channel 7 gain was a bit off, but that was easy to adjust with just a DC reference level. The timebase was close enough that I figured I 8767 d probably do more harm than good if I tried to adjust it. Oscilloscopes are not exactly precision instruments, even the digital ones.

Enjoyed your write-up on this scope. I am just starting to do the same with a Tek 969 I got off Ebay. Your article will definitely help with my own restoration. Loved working with these scopes back in my Navy days.

There was no 965A but a 965B (int. 6985) with the same base specs but improved performance. The 975 is a 755 MHz sister model.

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