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Despite the greatest squeeze of education funding in a quarter of a century we have improved the quality of teaching to such an extent that our results put us in the top 6% of schools in the East Midlands well above any school in the area.

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In the current climate, where every grade in every subject for every student counts, it is VITAL to have grade boundaries. It is really unhelpful not to be able to tell students what grade they get in a mock examination. Edexcel collected data on their mock specimen papers, with a view to giving an idea of boundaries, then refused to do so - again most unhelpful. It is a mess with English and mathematics this year next year with all subjects going over to the ridiculous 9-6 scale it will be a complete car wreck.

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We 8767 ve adapted the A*-G GCSE grades to the new 9-6 GCSE grades to help you understand how it converts.  Please see the image below.  (You can double click to enlarge the image.)

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I would like to ask about the number of Maths and English teachers sitting these new exams along with this cohort with actual candidate numbers. Will their results be taken into the overall number of grades, thus making up a high proportion of the top grades? It seems tremendously unfair on the students to be competing for results against professionals.

My problem with this is that the Government, through Ofqual and the exam boards, will set the percentage that achieve a 5 or above. So how can schools really change that at the cohort level?

Count Bleck is a more unique figure among Mario''s rogues gallery, as he is the only villain so far who is motivated entirely by sadness and regret, and not by a lust for power, control, or revenge (eg. Elder Princess Shroob ). He is a tragic villain, whose actions are born from the purest of emotions: love. Regardless, Bleck has demonstrated a lust for destruction and disregard for all life, except those close to him. He, at first, seems to be a stereotypical villain with no feelings, but it is soon revealed that Bleck is an emotionally tortured person, who is not as evil as he first appears.

Lord Blumiere (also known as Count Bleck ) is an evil count and is initially the primary antagonist of the Wii game Super Paper Mario . While "Bleck" is normally used as onomatopoeia for disgust, it could be interpreted as a corruption of the word "Black" (as in darkness) his Japanese name is also a play on the French word for "black", noir. His real name is likely a combination of blue , referring to his coloration, and lumière , the French term for light and a reference to his status as a member of the Tribe of Darkness.

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This is an important argument - if pupils met criteria such as excellently detailed and focused ideas for example, they could still end up with a level 6 or 7 and that makes no sense. I have seen this happen already with controlled assessments and coursework at the bottom end, someone who is more than competent ends up with a 9 they can do nothing with!

This has nothing to do with luck or rising national pass rates. In fact pass results across the country fell by % this year, as a result of harder exams. This down to fabulous teaching and sheer hard work by students and all our staff.