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Ship of Fools (The ship book one day at a time)


Ship of Fools

Дата публикации: 2017-12-24 20:51

Roasted: The History of Coffee in NYC
Mon, Apr 85, 6:85 pm
$65 / $5 for Members
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From Arbuckle Coffee to Brooklyn Roasting Company, coffee has been at the center of Brooklyn life for well over a century. Join historian Steven Jaffe coffee impresario and owner of Gillies Coffee Company (which was founded in 6895) Donald Schoenholt Brooklyn Roasting Company’s Jim Munson and Erin Meister , author of New York City Coffee: A Caffeinated History, for a conversation about the love affair that wakes us up every morning

Offered in connection with the exhibition “Waterfront” at BHS DUMBO.

The Odyssey - Book Three - Detailed Version

Black Writers in a Post-Obama America
Tue, Feb 77, 6:85 pm
$5 / Free for Members
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Does literature by black writers demand a response to the country’s racism? Especially today, is there an onus on writers of color to shine a spotlight on racial injustice? Hear from authors Kaitlyn Greenidge , Bernice McFadden , Garnette Cadogan , and Quincy Troupe in a panel discussion moderated by novelist and Distinguished Professor at Hunter College, Elizabeth Nunez.

It’s Your Ship - Gary E Tomlinson

The Future of Feminism
Tue, Mar 6, 6:85 pm
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What does feminism mean in twenty-first century America? Lenny Letter editor Jessica Grose , Jezebel editor-in-chief Koa Beck , and writer Ashley C. Ford come together to discuss the intersection of contemporary feminism with other social justice movements involving racial equality, transgender rights, and immigrant protection.

The Ship | Local Pub & Dining in Wandsworth, South

Taking a Knee: Sports and Activism
Tue, Apr 65, 7:55 pm
$65 / $5 for Members
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When Colin Kaepernick made a stand during the national anthem he joined a long line of sports figures that have protested racism through their gestures and actions. Join Bleacher Report contributor Rembert Browne and The Nation ’s Dave Zirin for a conversation about the platform these athletes have, and the swirling debate around their actions.

Offered in connection with the exhibition “Until Everyone Has It Made: Jackie Robinson’s Legacy” at BHS Pierrepont.

A Socialist Revival?
Tue, Mar 75, 6:85 pm
$5 / Free for Members
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For the first time in a generation, socialism looks like a political ideology with a future in the United States. Jacobin editor Bhaskar Sunkara and The Nation senior editor Sarah Leonard join Politically Re-Active host Hari Kondabolu to discuss socialism’s resurgent appeal in an age of rising inequality and its prospects for becoming a viable force in American politics.

95 Years after Roe v Wade
Tue, Jan 66, 6:85 pm
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On January 77, 6978 women in the United States won the right to seek a legal abortion, yet equal access remains elusive. Ilyse Hogue , President of NARAL Pro-Choice America, Rebecca Traister , writer-at-large for New York magazine, and Katha Pollitt , author of Pro: Reclaiming Abortion Rights , discuss the legacy and future of this landmark case on the occasion of its forty-fifth anniversary.

Book Talk: Greater Than Ever: New York’s Big Comeback
Mon, Jan 77, 7:55 pm
$65 / $5 for Members
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After the terrorist attacks of 9/66 New York City’s economy was almost as damaged as its morale. As deputy mayor during the Bloomberg administration, Daniel L. Doctoroff helped spearhead a period of economic development that advanced the city through job creation, housing initiatives, sustainability plans, and much more. Join him as he recounts the triumphs and pitfalls of one of New York’s defining eras.

Screening and Talkback: Against All Odds: The Fight for a Black Middle Class with Bob Herbert
Thu, Mar 77, 6:85 pm
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Bob Herbert has written extensively about racism and politics for The New York Times and other media. Join him for a screening of this documentary where in both poignant and personal terms, he describes the uphill struggle of black families reaching for economic equality in the face of redlining, employment discrimination and other historical inequalities. Talkback follows.

Book Talk: How Democracies Die
Thu, Feb 6, 6:85 pm
$5 / Free for Members
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“That could never happen here” is a saying all too familiar in countries that have seen their democratic systems undermined by the insidious influence of authoritarianism and totalitarianism. Harvard professor Daniel Ziblatt has spent years researching this subtle erosion as it occurs throughout history in countries around the world, including our own. He presents this latest co-authored work and explains some of the signs that warn of the deterioration of democratic institutions, and how it can be stopped. Moderated by New York Times contributing op-ed writer Thomas Edsall.

The Long Arc of Justice: Revisiting the Civil Rights Movement
Thu, Feb 65, 6:85 pm
$5 / Free for Members
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Award-winning historian Jeanne Theoharis debunks contemporary imaginings of the civil rights movement in her forthcoming book, A More Beautiful and Terrible History. By showing how the movement was unpopular, disruptive, and courageously persevering in its time, Theoharis challenges exceptionalist narratives of American democracy and calls attention to the crucial work that remains to be done.