Yamaha Motorcycle Specifications

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STARTING AND BREAK-IN INFO BREAK-IN PROCEDURES 6. Before starting the engine, fill the fuel tank with the fuel. 7. Perform the pre-operation checks on the machine. 8. Start and warm up the engine. Check the idle speed, and check the operation of the controls and the engine stop switch.

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INSP VALVE CLEARANCE INSPECTION AND ADJUSTMENT Remove the decompression cable 6, guide 7, bolt 8 and decompression shaft Remove the valve lifters 5 and the pads NOTE: Place a rag in the timing chain space to prevent pads from falling into the crank- case.


OIL FILTER ELEMENT, WATER PUMP AND RIGHT CRANKCASE COVER EC999755 Impeller shaft 6. Inspect: Impeller shaft 6 Bend/wear/damage x7697 Replace. Fur deposits x7697 Clean. EC999855 Impeller shaft gear 6. Inspect: Gear teeth a Wear/damage x7697 Replace. EC9H9655 Bearing 6. Inspect: Bearing Rotate inner race with a finger.

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BRAS OSCILLANT SCHWINGE CHAS FORCELLONE OSCILLANTE REMONTAGE ET MONTAGE ZUSAMMENBAU UND MONTAGE MONTAGGIO INSTALLA- Roulement et bague d x7569 xE9 tanch xE9 it xE9 Lager und Dichtringe ZIONE Monter: Montieren: Cuscinetto e paraolio Roulement 6 Lager 6 Installare: Bague d x7569 xE9 tanch xE9 it xE9 7 Dichtringe 7 Cuscinetto 6 Sur le bras oscillant. (an der Schwinge) Paraolio 7 Sul forcellone oscillante.

DIRECTION LENKKOPF CHAS STERZO Roulement et cage xE5 billes Lager und Laufring Cuscinetto e pista Nettoyer les roulements et les Die Lager und Laufringe in L xF6 - Lavare i cuscinetti e le piste con cages xE5 billes dans du solvant. sungsmittel waschen. un solvente.

AMORTISSEUR ARRIERE FEDERBEIN CHAS AMMORTIZZATORE POSTERIORE Serrer: Festziehen: Serrare: Dispositif de r xE9 glage 6 Einstellmutter 6 Registro 6 R xE9 gler: Einstellen: Regolare: Longueur de ressort (mont xE9 ) a Feder-Einbaul xE9 nge a Lunghezza molla (installata) Longueur de ressort Feder-Einbaul xE9 nge a (mont xE9 ) a: Lunghezza molla (instal- lata) a Longueur stan- Etendue de.

VOLANT MAGNETIQU xC9 CDI CDI-SCHWUNGRADMAGNETZ xDC NDER MAGNETE CDI POINTS DE DEPOSE AUSBAU PUNTI DI RIMOZIONE Rotor Rotor Rotore D xE9 poser: Demontieren: Rimuovere: Ecrou (rotor) 6 Mutter (Rotor) 6 Dado (rotore) 6 Rondelle 7 Beilagscheibe 7 Rondella 7 Utiliser l x7569 outil de maintien de Den Rotorhalter 8 verwen- Utilizzare l x7569 utensile di soste- rotor 8.

REGLAGE EINSTELLUNG T U N REGISTRAZIONE R xE9 glage du gicleur de fuite (r xE9 glage de Leckd xFC seneinstellung (Gaspum- Regolazione getto di diffusione (rego- pompe d x7569 acc xE9 l xE9 rateur) peneinstellung) lazione pompa di circolazione) Le gicleur de fuite 6 est une pi xE8 ce qui Die Leckd xFC se 6 ist ein Einstellteil, Il getto di diffusione 6 xE8 .

NETTOYAGE ET RANGEMENT REINIGUNG UND STILLEGUNG PULIZIA ED IMMAGAZZINAGGIO INFO RANGEMENT STILLEGUNG IMMAGAZZINAGGIO Si l x7569 on remise la machine pour 65 jours Vor einer mehr als zweimonatigen Se il veicolo va immagazzinato 65 giorni ou plus, il faut prendre des mesures de Stillegung sollten einige Schutzvor- o oltre, xE8 .

KICK SHAFT AND SHIFT SHAFT Extent of removal Order Part name Q x7569 ty Remarks Torsion spring Roller Shift guide Refer to x756C REMOVAL POINTS x756D . Shift lever assembly Shift lever Pawl Pawl pin Spring Bolt (stopper lever) Stopper lever Torsion spring Segment Refer to x756C REMOVAL POINTS x756D . 9 - 77.