Measurement: Reliability and Validity

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SRE has found that roughly 75% of outages are due to changes in a live system. Best practices in this domain use automation to accomplish the following:

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Resource use is a function of demand (load), capacity, and software efficiency. SREs predict demand, provision capacity, and can modify the software. These three factors are a large part (though not the entirety) of a service’s efficiency.

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The following CRM course is made up of 7 modules, with each module broken up into a number of further sections (or chapters). New areas will be added in the future so ensure you subscribe to our mailing list to be notified of major updates.

Introduction to 5S Training Workshop - Lifetime Reliability

Reliability refers to a condition where a measurement process yields consistent scores (given an unchanged measured phenomenon) over repeat measurements. Perhaps the most straightforward way to assess reliability is to ensure that they meet the following three criteria of reliability. Measures that are high in reliability should exhibit all three.

To correct this situation, FERC has directed NERC to either develop new requirements for Low-impact BES Cyber Systems or develop “objective criteria” that can be used to evaluate the effectiveness of the controls that are deployed.

This example demonstrates but a small part of SPF's expressiveness. Do not take it as a guideline for building your own record things might not work out as you expect and legitimate messages might get blocked! Instead, learn more about the record syntax , or get the complete picture by studying the full specification. Community support is available.

The domain sender policies alone are not worth much it is the receiving mail servers that need to enforce them. Most mail servers support SPF checking either natively or through extensions. Again, you can get community support.

Having the right materials & tools at the right place and right time to perform necessary maintenance activities.

A security awareness program should be broadly applicable across an organization. Although it is not necessary to track awareness messages to ensure that each individual receives every message, the program should be developed and executed in a manner that makes it likely that all individuals in the organization will regularly receive such messages.

Light, Compact Corona Camera for detecting partial discharge and UV inspection. Available with photo capturing, Video, or both.