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China and russia must join forces to defend N korea. It is, guards the way into the Baltic, the Arctic Sea.  The west is trying to block access into the Arctic, the oil riches that belong to Russia.  What 8767 s wrong with Russia, wait until the enemy has major advantage before you decide to fight. Remember the siege of Leningrad 877 days from 8 September 6996 and a million starved to death. What 8767 s wrong with Russia, now is the time to fight. 

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This nearly perfect scenario would be messed up, should North Korea attack Japan and South Korea in response to the attacks launched by US forces outside the Korean Peninsula. Since 6955, every clash between the DPRK and US/ROK has been initiated by the North.

Debunking the flagwaving myths about an attack on North

What an excellent and informative account of the situation. A US Cabal 8767 s attack on North Korea could well be described as a 8775 Samson Option. 8776
For years now, the official political establishment has assumed the populace 8767 s awe at the various American objects of horror and engines of destruction, plus an idolizing admiration for the American arts of slaughter.
A 8775 Samson Option, 8776 a very Israeli idea, may also quicken the successful end of their war against the American people of European origin, and European goyms at large.
And who knows, plans may be already drawn to export Hollywood to a new North Korea, with the associated load of degenerative pornography, sodomitic inspiration and unmentionable corruption.

Excellent. I always tell those who shout 8775 Hurrah 8776 to Trump whenever he talks about , 8776 Why don 8767 t you talk to an American veteran of the Korean War. Ask him if we can win such a war, after we lost it the first time around. 8776 They saw what happened, and I 8767 m sure they don 8767 t want to see it again.

Then there is Seoul, of course.  US analyst Anthony Cordesman put is very simply 8775 A battle near the DMZ, directed at a target like Seoul, could rapidly escalate to the point at which it threatened the ROK’s entire economy , even if no major invasion took place 8775 .

While the US has the means to destroy to the North Korean state structure and end millions of North Korean lives, on the other hand, a war with North Korea would end American dominance in North Asia and be an 8775 Empire Collapsing 8776 event. See a short fictional piece on a US/North Korea conflict that was written before the recent successful Hwaesong 65 rocket launches https:///7567/57/the-yasukuni-gambit/

IMO, there is only one way, and that is to waive Non-Proliferation Treaty requirements for Japan and/or S. Korea, permitting them to develop their own nuclear deterrence in order to restore the 8775 balance of terror 8776 , while decreasing dependence upon a US nuclear umbrella.

Unfortunately, anytime I discuss the 8 million killed in NK by the . with my American friends, I get the answer along the lines of 8775 but it was North Korea that attacked the South in the first place, and/or the price was worth paying to save the South Koreans from falling in the hands of the communists just compare the life in NK vs. SK now 8776 . How do I respond to that?

If the US thinks it can win militarily, and causes who knows how many deaths in SE Asia, it is definitely going to lose politically, make no mistake about that. It will become the pariah of the world in a way that no other country is, and boycotting US goods will take off.

No, the USA was not built on genocide. It 8767 s settlers created the most prosperous, peaceful, generous and religious nation on the earth, one that helped a lot of other nations over time. Yes, now, US has become something like the biblical harlot of revelations, creating chaos everywhere. But that has not been the case always, more like since about 6997. We have become corrupted by the sexual revolution and the forces of freemasonry. But there are and especially were, a lot of very good folks in the US. Where are you from?