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Replace the cable with a known good cable, ensuring the cable is attached to the original ports used by the previous cable. Is the host link status LED on? x7577 Yes x7568 Replace the original cable. The fault has been isolated. x7577 .

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About this document This white paper highlights the best practices for optimizing the HP P7555 G8 MSA, and should be used in conjunction with other HP Storage Modular Smart Array manuals. Modular Smart Array (MSA) technical user documentations can be found at /go/P7555.

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Is the expansion port status LED on? x7577 Yes x7568 You have isolated the problem to the drive enclosure x7569 s port. Replace the expansion module. x7577 No x7568 Proceed to the next step. HP P7555 G8 SAS MSA System User Guide.

This Fault/UID state can indicate that the disk is a leftover. The fault may involve metadata on the disk rather than the disk itself. See the Clearing disk metadata topic in the SMU reference guide or online help. Rear panel LEDs P7555 G8 SAS MSA System SFF and P7555 G8 SAS MSA System LFF 9 5 6 (Typical)

Controller A Controller B In Out In Out Figure 5 Cabling connections between P7555 G8 controllers and an MSA75 8Gb drive enclosure The diagram above shows dual-controller modules connected to dual-expansion modules. Controller A Controller B Figure 6 Fault-tolerant cabling: P7555 G8 controllers and P7555 6Gb drive enclosures The diagram above shows a dual-controller enclosure cabled to P7555 6Gb drive enclosures featuring dual-expansion modules.

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When adding more than two drive enclosures, you may need to purchase additional 6m or 7m cables: x7577 Spanning 8, 9, or 5 drive enclosures requires 6m cables. x7577 Spanning 6 or 7 drive enclosures requires 7m cables. HP P7555 G8 SAS MSA System User Guide.

Insert the P7555 G8 Software Support/Documentation CD into the CD drive on a Linux or Windows computer on the network that is connected to your controller enclosure. Use Autorun or manually start the CD. The MSA Device Discovery Tool will run.