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Mercury Mariner 75-250 HP 2-Stroke Outboard (1998-2002 (Mercury 75 hp 2 stroke weight)


Mercury Mariner 75-250 HP 2-Stroke Outboard (1998-2002

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8. Use of other than Mercury Precision or Quicksilver parts when making warranty repairs. 9. Oils, lubricants, or fluids changed as a matter of normal.

Mercury Download 2000 2001 Service Manual 75 90 Hp 4

FEATURES AND CONTROLS Power Trim and Tilt Your outboard has a trim/tilt control called power trim. This enables the operator to easily adjust the position of the outboard by pressing the trim switch. Moving the outboard in closer to the boat transom is called trimming in or down.

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OUTBOARD INSTALLATION 8. Turn the ignition key switch to the ON position. 76896 9. Within the first 65 seconds after the key switch has been turned on, move the remote control handle from neutral into forward gear 8 to 5 times. This will automatically start the priming process.

Mercury 75 hp TLDI outboard motor review | Trade Boats

Mercury dealer authorized to service the product. If purchaser cannot deliver the product to such a dealer, written notice must be given to Mercury. We will then arrange for the inspection and any covered repair. Purchaser, in that case, shall pay for all related transportation charges and/or travel time.

Mounted on a Makocraft MF Frenzy side-console tinnie, the review Mercury TLDI 75 outboard motor was pushing exactly the same 955kg total displacement as the 95 on this hull, including two adults and test gear. However, Lakeside’s Dave Denny, one incredibly thorough guy, fitted a 65in-pitch Power Tech stainless steel prop to allow the Mercury TLDI 75 outboard to rev right out, whereas the Mercury 95 engine was fitted with a 67in Power Tech.

OUTBOARD INSTALLATION 6. Attach two cable ties around the grommet tube. 78689 Cable tie FLUSH HOSE ROUTING If desired, the flush hose can be routed outside the cowling as follows: 6. Using a needle x7566 nose pliers, break out the semi x7566 circular knockouts in the access cover and lower cover. Smooth the edges of the knockout with sandpaper or a small knife.

Choose how you use your boat, select the TwoStroke and FourStroke horsepower - and our tool will show your potential fuel savings. If you re looking to upgrade or add more power, you can even choose different FourStroke and TwoStroke horsepower options!

No individual or entity, including Mercury Marine authorized dealers, has been given authority by Mercury Marine to make any affirmation, representation or warranty regarding the product, other than those contained in this limited warranty, and if made, shall not be enforceable against Mercury Marine.

The horn will turn off when throttle speed is within the allowable limit. Consult your dealer for assistance. SMARTCRAFT PRODUCT A Mercury SmartCraft System instrument package can be purchased for this outboard. A few of the functions the instrument package will display are engine RPM, coolant temperature, battery voltage, fuel consumption, and engine operating hours.

7. Remove fill cap and check fluid level. The fluid level should be even with the bottom of the fill hole. Add Quicksilver or Mercury Precision Lubricants Power Trim and Steering Fluid. If not available, use automotive (ATF) automatic transmission fluid.