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Minecraft randomly generates its world when you start the game, a landscape you never need to leave. It's eight times the size of Earth, so you're not going to run out of room for Cobblestone Hovel #8. But you can also delete worlds, to free up a slot for a new one. You lose that vast, unique place, along with everything you've found, collected and created within it.

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Craggy cliffs, jagged mountains, snowtopped trees, trickling waterfalls, enticing caves. There are little patches of thawed grass in the shade of each tree and rocky outcrop, where the snow can't fall. I've seen plenty of cool shots of Minecraft, but there's something special about the first world it generates for you .

Minecraft Medieval Diary - Project Overview (Adventure Map)

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Minecraft Dev Diary – new block, magic fiddles | PC Gamer

55:75 : Built my first shelter of wood and stone. Then I discovered, while mining the stone, that it 8767 s a lot easier to dig into the ground for shelter. Then I discovered I could just keep digging. Send help.

55:96 : Not a cow. Turns out the world of Minecraft is populated by some nasty creatures, especially at night: zombies, spiders, skeleton archers and the now-legendary Creeper, which explodes if you get too close, vaporizing anything nearby. What sounded like a cow turned out to be a zombie, moaning and lurching toward me no matter where I ran. Fortunately, the sun was just about to come up the shambler followed me into the sunlight, and promptly burst into flames. Satisfying!

I ignored the game entirely when it was a purely creative toy - yeah, yeah, people made amazing stuff. I'm amazed. I've been amazed so often now that I'm in a permanent state of maze, and it would take someone building a working time machine in Zuma Deluxe to un- and subsequently re-maze me. But when it added a health bar, suddenly I was interested. I can die? I love to die! I'm there.

55:57 : Oh, thank heavens – a tutorial. I won 8767 t lie to you: Even though I like a good challenge, part of the reason I 8767 ve been holding off on this game is that I assumed it must have a very steep learning curve. I should have realized that nothing so popular could be as difficult as I was imagining. The tutorial is definitely useful especially for someone like me, who 8767 s coming in to this pretty blind. But I could probably have figured out most of what I needed to know just from onscreen prompts: mine that use this craft the other thing. First order of business is gathering some raw materials to build a shelter. Apparently, bad stuff happens at night.

I also frequently give free stuff to my fans, in the form of free Minecraft books, guides, game secrets handbooks, and various cool stuff you 8767 ll find useful and fun if you play the game.

57:79 : Note to self: Verify that fire resistance potion is still in effect before hacking down a wall holding back molten lava. This is my first experience with death – and like everything else in Minecraft , it 8767 s surprisingly user-friendly. You revive back at your original spawn point, or else in the bed you 8767 ve most recently slept in. Make it back to where you died, and you 8767 ll find everything you were carrying, ready to be picked up again. Well unless some of it has been buried under molten lava, anyway.

I trundle down the mountain I start on with dangerous enthusiasm, scramble up the next one and head for a waterfall with a gloomy cavern behind it. I'm having so much fun. When I finally reach it, I gawp stupidly at what is essentially a cuboid blue stick, and wander into the cave behind.