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National Certificate: Welding NQF Level 3 - SAQA (Oxy acetylene welding practice a practical presentation of the modern processes of welding cutting and lead burning with special attention to wel)


National Certificate: Welding NQF Level 3 - SAQA

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The regulator has two separate gauges: a high pressure gauge for gas in the cylinder and a low pressure gauge for pressure of gas fed to the torch. The amount of gas remaining in the cylinder can be judged from the high pressure gauge. The regulator, which has a pressure adjusting screw, is used to control gas flow rate to the torch by setting the outlet gas pressure. Note Acetylene is supplied in cylinders under a pressure of about 65 bar but welding is carried out with torch gas pressures typically up to 7 bar.

Information on Cutting Gases, - Weld Reality - Welding

You'll find welding projects and plans and tutorials for MIG, TIG, Stick, and Oxyacetylene welding that will improve your skills and build your knowledge. xa5


Gas cylinders are colour-coded. In the UK, an oxygen cylinder is black with a white/grey shoulder and an acetylene cylinder is maroon. Cylinders should also carry a label that gives details of the type of gas.

TurboTorch Acetylene Cylinder - 10 Cubic Foot (MC) 0916-0002

A common problem that welders have to deal with is distortion caused from welding. Distortion is basically when your metal warps.

Manual Metal Arc Welding One of the earliest welding processes developed, arc-welding uses an electric arc to generate the heat required to melt the metals involved. The welding machine generates voltage at the end of a consumable electrode, and an arc is struck on the work piece, which is connected back to the welding machine via a grounding cable.


[] PROPANE 6-lb = CF 6kg = cu m / 6-lb = cu m

[] PROPANE 6 GAL = cu/m lb OR 87 CF.

There are quite a few welding techniques you will use in your welding. But which ones you use depends on the following:

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Here's where do you xa5 find welding projects by fellow welders xa5 and fabricators. Or, why not begin with the top 6 articles (in terms of what is being read most often, and not necessarily based upon content. We believe every metalworking article is good, but you be the judge). xa5

MIG welding machines are very popular, more so in the auto customizing scene. They are relatively cost effective, easy to operate, relatively easy to learn, and once set up, great for one particular metal, such as steel. On an auto project, this might be perfect—you can use a MIG welding machine to repair your chassis and panels, fabricate new parts and even weld up a steel exhaust system. But on your motorcycle project, you might want the option of easily configuring the welding machine to suit other metals, such as stainless steel and aluminum.