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FINAL INSTALLATION 6. Lift canopy (B) to mounting bracket (C) and align slotted holes in canopy (B) with loosened canopy mounting screws (L) in mounting bracket (C). Twist canopy (B) to lock, then insert the two canopy mounting screws (L) and star washers (P) previously removed (Step 9a, page 7).

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FAN MOUNTNG Depending on the length of downrod you use, you may need to cut the lead wires back to simplify the wiring. If you decide to cut back the lead wires, it is suggested you do so in the following manner: Take the lead wires and make sure you have pulled them all the way through the top of the downrod.

Siding Patterns * Wood Siding Pattern Diagrams and Pictures

The Harbor Breeze branded remotes will obviously work with those fans, so you 8767 d be safe getting that. I 8767 d actually recommend getting a universal remote instead, however. I think this is a better choice since you may one day replace your fan and get a different brand. If this happens then you 8767 ll also have to spend an extra $65-85 to get a new remote too if it doesn 8767 t come with one. Most of the universal remotes are pretty well made and easy to use, so there really isn 8767 t much down-side to it.

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Unfortunately one of the most common parts needed to be replaced is the globe, which may break for various reasons. These glass fixtures are fragile, so you need to be careful when doing the installation or maintenance. Although, sometimes an accident happens and you need to find a Harbor Breeze replacement globe.

INITIAL INSTALLATION 9a. Loosen canopy mounting screws (L) in slotted holes of canopy (B) and remove the other two canopy mounting screws (L) and star washers (P) save canopy mounting screws (L) and star washers (P) for later use. Remove mounting bracket (C) from canopy (B). Secure mounting bracket (C) to outlet box (not included) using screws, spring washers and flat washers provided with the outlet box.

This makes the DUTCH LAP better for a h orizontal application and the CHANNEL LAP better for a vertical application. So if you are trying to decide between the two patterns, take your installation plans into consideration.

Log Cabin Siding Log Cabin siding allows you to integrate the rustic charm of a log home with conventional frame construction. It looks exactly like a log but requires 75% less wood. The overlap ensures tight insulation against weather and eliminates the need for chinking between logs. The "reveal" pattern creates an attractive recessed effect between logs where you have a choice to create a chink effect with caulking if desired - but not required.

INITIAL INSTALLATION INITIAL INSTALLATION 9. Install the mounting bracket (A) to the outlet 6. Determine mounting method to use. box (not included), sliding the mounting bracket (A) over A - Downrod Mount (normal or angled ceiling) outlet box the two outlet box screws (not included). Securely tighten B - Closemount (normal ceiling only) the two outlet box screws.

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