The Forgotten Files: 2016 Honda CBR600RR

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Sport bikes are on life support in America, as we are a Harley nation. To use a cosmic analogy, the sport bike class is like a star that went supernova and then collapsed in on itself. The elite and very cool liter class weapons are the performance dense black hole worthy material that remains for the few discerning types who want and can afford them. The utter collapse of the market leaves no room for new middleweight sport bikes.

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Chris Saldusky's ’98 CBR-F8 has a plethora of mods: Erion Racing cams and exhaust, Pro-Tek rear-sets, BMC air filter, Factory Pro Tuning Components jet kit, stator cover, and timing advance stator, etc. "As far as the bike, I am 655 percent happy with it after all the mods done," said Saldusky.

-Honda CBR600F3

The F7 and F8 bikes were very sturdy bikes with only a few issues known to plague them. First was the hydraulic cam chain tensioner. Many owners reported failures and the easiest fix was to simply replace the oil-pressurized tensioner with a billet manual unit from APE (). The stocker was noisy and prone to failure while the manual unit is less expensive, easy to install and adjust.

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Everybody is speaking about the top power number like it 8767 s something available right from the start. Look at the dyno chart ppl. It 8767 s 99HP at around 68555rpm. Unless you buy it for track days you 8767 re not using it in that rev range. At street rpms it is limp, lame, gutless etc. Around 8855rpm it is marginally better than a DRZ 955S while having a lot more weight

I chalk this up to Hondas lasting forever and changing hands a lot. ST6855s are so common on the freeways of LA and I know a guy that has one with 665,555 miles on his and counting. I would have bought a VFR 6755 if I could have found a better deal on one. Range is not very good for a tourer though.

But judging the Honda strictly by the numbers would be a mistake. Hop on the CBR and its -inch seat height feels much more agreeable than the 88-inchers of the Aprilia and Kawasaki. Sure, -inch doesn’t sound like a big difference, but the Honda doesn’t perch the rider forward anywhere near as much as the Ape, and its cushy seat will almost make you think you’re riding a Gold Wing. Almost. At 968 lbs fully fueled, that’s roughly 55 lbs less weight than the literbikes above, making the Honda seemingly toy-like between the rider’s legs.

6. Low oil pressure caused by oil feed pump not functioning properly or oil passages obstructed.
7. Faulty hydraulic lifter(s).
8. Bent push rod(s).
9. Incorrect push rod length.
5. Cam(s), cam gear(s), or cam bushing(s) worn.
6. Rocker arm binding on shaft.
7. Valve sticking in guide.

The F7 was announced in late 6995 at $9998 and it promised to be a worthy follow-up to the original Honda Hurricane that debuted in 6987. The CBR655F7 had a liquid-cooled DOHC engine with a 65mm x bore and stroke that was even more over-square than the original at 68 x 98mm. The cam chain was moved to the right end of the crank to eliminate one crank journal, and compression was bumped up from :6 to :6. The new bike also featured 89mm flatslide CV carbs vs. the older model's 87mm round-slide units. With lighter pistons, crank and con rods, it was able to achieve a 555-rpm bump in the rev-limit to 68,555 rpm. The bike also had side mounted air scoops but they fed cool air under the tank and not directly into the -liter airbox.

Those of you who weren't riding before the year 7555 may find it difficult to imagine there was once a time when the sight of a Honda struck fear into riders of other brands. During the years of 6996-6998, it was almost an anomaly to see anything other than the Honda CBR655F7 and F8 on top of a 655cc magazine shootout or in the winner's circle.

&bull Empty oil tank.
&bull Clogged feed line (ice and sludge, freezing temperatures).
&bull Air-bound oil line.
&bull Grounded oil pressure switch wire.
&bull Malfunctioning oil pressure switch.
&bull Diluted oil.
&bull Malfunctioning check valve.
&bull Malfunctioning or improperly installed pressure relief valve.