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Family 7895+01 IBM Flex System p460 Compute Node (7895-42X) (Ibm n5200 manual dexterity impairment)


Family 7895+01 IBM Flex System p460 Compute Node (7895-42X)

Дата публикации: 2017-12-24 21:44

Unlike the previous versions of DFM, only one license of OnCommand is required to support all the management functions of the N series installation, up to 755 nodes. For installations with more than 755 nodes, please either submit an RPQ for support of a large install base on a single OnCommand Core server, or install a second OnCommand Core server.

Ibm flex system x240 serverguide

A Model A65 consists of one node a Model A75 consists of two nodes. On the initial order, the number (quantity) of the tier features ordered defines the number of managed nodes, and the N series machine types and models, for which the feature is authorized. That number may be increased via a subsequent (MES) order by ordering the incremental number of Protection Manager tier x license features (#87xx). The MES order must be for the managing machine. For example, if the number of nodes to be managed is to be increased by ten, the number of #87xx features, which must be ordered in the MES order, is ten. Any combination of #87xx features may be included in the same MES order.

12 July 2010 | Techbuy Australia

The Commvault Galaxy Extract Wizard is designed to restore both private and public exchange information, and stored data, from tape and disk backups, to any alternate location, for example, machine, volume, or folder, helping eliminate the need for a recovery server.

  • Minimum required: None.
  • Maximum allowed: 755.
  • Prerequisites: Both models: At least one of #8655 - #8656.
  • Corequisites: Model A65: IBM 7875-596 feature #8669. Model A75: IBM 7875-597 feature #8669.
  • Limitations: None.
  • Customer Setup: Yes.
  • Plant/field install: Both.
  • Family 7895+02 IBM Flex System p260 Compute Node (7895-22X)

    Solid-state memory cells have an intrinsic, finite number of write cycles that each cell can incur. As a result each solid state device has a maximum amount of write cycles it can be subjected to, documented as TBW (Total Bytes Written). IBM is not responsible for replacement of hardware that has reached the maximum guaranteed number of write cycles. This limit may be revealed as the device failing to communicate to system generated commands or become incapable of being written to.

    Note: For Data ONTAP and earlier, SnapVault Primary and SnapVault Secondary are mutually exclusive.

  • Minimum required: None.
  • Maximum allowed: One.
  • Corequisites: IBM 7859 Model A65 feature #6887.
  • Limitations: None.
  • Compatibility Conflicts: #6887 is mutually exclusive of #5558, #5575, #5576, #5577, and #6879. And see Note above.
  • Customer Setup: Yes.
  • Plant/field install: Both.
  • This 55-micron Fibre Channel cable is 86 meters long with an LC connector on each end. Its intended use is connecting the N series machine to its host system.

  • Minimum required: None.
  • Maximum allowed: 99.
  • Prerequisites: None.
  • Corequisites: None.
  • Limitations: None.
  • Compatibility Conflicts: None.
  • Customer Setup: Yes.
  • Plant install / field install: Both
  • OnCommand has replaced the legacy DFM functionality (Operations Manager, Protection Manager, and Provisioning Manager) with a single package, more closely integrating the management stack of the N series systems. Users of previous versions of the DFM Server feature are automatically entitled to migrate to the OnCommand infrastructure.

    For 69 rack orders: If IBM Mfg. is to assemble a rack mountable device into the rack, one feature code selection from the group 9656 to 9666 must be listed on the order. More than one feature code selection from this group is not allowed. The quantity of this selected feature code on the 69 rack order must equal the number of rack mountable devices to be installed in the rack by IBM Mfg.

  • Attributes provided: Rack specify
  • Attributes required: Rack
  • For 7868-65X: (#9666)
  • Minimum required: 5
  • Maximum allowed: 6 (Initial order maximum: 6)
  • OS level required: None
  • Initial Order/MES/Both/Supported: Initial
  • CSU: N/A
  • Return parts MES: Does not apply
  • This feature provides a matched pair of 66GB 6655 MHz PC8L-65655 CL66 ECC DDR8 RDIMMs to provide 87 GB of system memory. Memory DIMMs must be installed in pairs.

  • Attributes provided: 87 GB System Memory
  • Attributes required: Two empty DIMM slots
  • For 7868-65X: (#EEMB)
  • Minimum required: 5
  • Maximum allowed: 67 (Initial order maximum: 67)
  • OS level required: Refer to Software Requirements.
  • Initial Order/MES/Both/Supported: Both
  • CSU: Yes
  • Return parts MES: No
  • This feature requires either FCP or iSCSI Protocol, and SnapRestore, SnapManager/Exch - Media Kit, and SnapDrive for Windows to be installed on the machine.