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Steering Page 66 of 99 98-66 Power steering gear, disassembling - Tie rods, removing - see tie rod, removing and installing (TRW and ZF power steering), Page 98-89 - Close hose connections on power steering gear if not already done 6 - Plastic locking screw 7 - Plastic locking screw - Clean outside of power steering gear.

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Rear wheel brakes, servicing Page 6 of 8 96-69 Rear wheel brakes, servicing Note: After working on the rear wheel brakes: Release parking brake. Firmly depress the brake pedal once. 6 - Spring plate To remove, push against the spring and turn through 95 7 - Spring 8 - Brake shoe with lever.

Problem : The Customer stated that it was running fine and just would not start one morning. The tech checked for spark and injector pulse — found none. There was no B+ power to the 65A fuel injection fuse, transmission solenoid fuse and A/C relay fuse from the Ignition relay. The tech substituted a good known relay – no luck.

Steering Page 68 of 99 98-68 - Remove lower locking screw for valve body 6 - Locking screw - Remove Torx screw for valve body 6 - Open-end wrench (standard commercial SW 69) 7 - Torx insert (standard commercial E65) 8 - Ratchet (standard commercial 8/8 ) http:///vw/servlet/Display?action=Goto& type=repair& id= 67/7/7559.

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Steering Page 65 of 99 98-65 Power steering gear, disassembling and reassembling (ZF) This repair is limited to replacing the sealing rings and, if necessary, the toothed rod. Steering gears that are damaged by an accident must be replaced For a satisfactory and successful repair, the greatest care, safety and proper tools are required.

Steering Page 7 of 99 98-7 Airbag unit, removing and installing Removing - Disconnect battery Ground strap. - Center steering wheel (wheels straight- ahead). - Remove both socket head bolts from airbag unit. - Remove airbag unit from steering wheel and disconnect wiring connector from airbag unit.

Steering Page 86 of 99 98-86 Boot, installing - Check boot for wear (cuts, cracks) and ensure sealing surfaces are clean. - Install boot, but first turn the tie rod so that the tie rod ball joint shank is in the installation position. - Install pressure balance line.