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The course was very informative and most of the information needed for this course were covered. The only problems with the program was the computer gliches.

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I am glad adjusterpromade the nessary changes that they did by reducing the questions to 655. It was so difficult for me especially having ADD and 8 kiddos , it was very hard for me tocomplete the test until it was reduced to 655 so thank you so much for that. I am also glad you guyswill now submit my certificate of completion to the state for me which is awesome. Costomer service is great! The modules are really good and really fit my learning style with the added animation and short quizes. Everything was easy to navigate through. Now I can finally go and apply for my dream job and make more money for my family! Thank you!

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We re-launched our Florida Certified Adjuster course in late 7569 as part of an overhaul of all our online courses. We're very happy with the new course and think you will be, too. Besides more comprehensive material, the new course includes audio narration (easily muted if you prefer), appealing visuals, and re-tooled quizzes 8756 8756 which all work together to make this course both effective and pleasant. Enjoy this 7-minute video tour:

5th Class to 1st Class, Special Boiler Operator & Fired

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The information was well layed out and throughoughly covered. The course, when gone over in a deliberate pace, can be very effictive in properly teaching a large amount of information over a short period of time.

It was not described on the website nor was I prompted by a screen that I would be locked out of the exam after 8 failed attempt. I tried calling Friday evening and there was no customer support on weekends. This led to a very stressful and anxiety filled weekend.

This course had a lot of information andI feel it would be more beneficial for future students to have an opportunity to take practice tests that actually reflect what's on the test and if they fail the actual test to give them an option to see what it is they missed on it, so they know what particular section they are having difficulty in and to study further to help pass the next time they take the test.

Course material was lengthly and covered all information necessary to learn the material in preparation for taking the exam.

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