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Fuel Empty Refill as soon as pos- larly or stalls sible Stale or contaminat- Have serviced by x7569 Yamaha dealer Fuel tank Water or dirt present Have serviced by x7569 Yamaha dealer Spark plug Fouled or defective Have serviced by x7569 .

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A mirror can also be used as an emergency signal. Contact a Yamaha dealer or the . Coast Guard for more information. Watch A watch is helpful so you will know how long you have been operating the watercraft.

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If you should move after you have purchased your new watercraft, please advise us of your new address by sending a postcard listing your Yamaha model name, engine number, dealer number [or dealer x7569 s name] as it is shown on your warranty card, your name and new mailing address.

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Operation and handling requirements engine, which can result in severe dam- EJU88969 Transporting on a trailer age. [ECJ55558] When transporting the watercraft on a trailer, secure the tie downs to the trailer through the bow eye and stern eyes. NOTICE: Do not at- tach ropes or tie downs to any part of the watercraft other than the bow eye and stern eyes to secure the watercraft to the.

The most important points of watercraft inspection and lubrication are ex- plained on the following pages. See a Yamaha dealer for genuine Yamaha re- placement parts and optional accessories de- signed for your watercraft. Remember, failures that are the result of the.

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Pre-operation checks whole range, and that the free play is not ex- right and left fully turned positions of the jet cessive. thrust nozzle. Turn the handlebars as far as possible to the right and left to make sure that the jet thrust nozzle moves as the handlebars are turned, and that there is no difference between the Difference between fully turned positions.

FUEL : UNLEADED REGULAR GASOLINE VALVE LASH (mm) IN : EX : CERTIFIED COMPONENTS : YAMAHA MOTOR CO., LTD. EJU95995 Manufactured date label This label is attached to the top of the cylinder head. (See page 95 for seat removal and in-.

Safety information know that a helmet could help protect you in EJU85867 Operation requirements certain kinds of accidents and that it could All riders must wear a . Coast Guard injure you in others. (USCG) approved personal flotation device A helmet is designed to provide some head (PFD) that is suitable for personal water- protection.

Operating the watercraft Consumer information..97 in reverse....76 Limited warranty..97 Boarding the watercraft..76 YAMAHA EXTENDED SERVICE Starting off....79 (.)....99 Capsized watercraft..75 Beaching and docking the watercraft... 76 Operating in weeded areas...