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Loosen screws for right swinging arm bearing. 55 8 587 55 8 586 C885595 x7577 Using pull rod, BMW No. 55 8 586, and impact weight, BMW No. 55 8 587, pull out the swinging arm bearing. x7577 Remove the left swinging arm bearing.

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Press out the threaded journal using a pin, BMW No. 86 5 656, as a support. 86 5 656 GS865675 x7577 Press the threaded journal into the ball thrust bearing using a pin, BMW No. 86 5 656, as a support. .

Holden « Repair Manual

Contents Page Removing the ABS unit........66 Installing the ABS unit.........67 Removing and installing ABS relay and relay base....68 Removing ABS relay........68 Installing the ABS relay.........68 Removing ABS relay base........68 Installing the ABS relay base........69 Removing and installing brake lines......75.

BMW 3- & 5-Series Service and Repair Manual

Checking valves for wear x7577 Clean combustion residue from valves. x7577 Check valve dimensions....See Technical data Remachining valve seat RS665895 Caution: Width (B) and diameter (D) must always be main- tained when remachining the valve seat....See Technical data Checking and repairing cylinder head x7577 .

x7577 x7577 Removing the front mudguard Motorcycle raised on auxiliary stand, BMW No. 55 6 555 front wheel must be clear of ground. x7577 Measure the breakaway moment to left and right from the central position of the handlebar using friction meter, BMW No.

Removing and installing suspension strut Note: To remove the suspension strut, support the rear axle. Tightening torque: Suspension strut to swinging arm/rear frame..55 Nm .

Contents Page Rear brake Checking brake pads and discs for wear/renewing....69 (Inspections II and III) Checking front brake pad wear........69 Checking rear brake pad wear........69 Checking brake disc wear........69 Renewing brake pads Front brake......75 Renewing brake padsRear brake......75 Renewing brake fluid and bleeding brake system.....76.

66 7 575 C685565 Removing and installing exhaust x7577 Secure the oxygen sensor with special socket wrench insert, BMW 7 575. system Caution: Removing and installing silencer After a trial run, read out Motronic fault memory. (muffler) Tightening torque: x7577 .

Screw dial gauge holder with measuring shoe Caution: and extension, BMW No. 89 7 575, with dial After adjusting, check that the sensor wheel is free gauge, BMW No. 55 7 565, firmly to the sensor to turn at all points on its circumference. mount. x7577 .

55 8 586 C885595 x7577 Detach the fixed swinging arm bearing journal. x7577 Using pull rod, BMW No. 55 8 586, and impact weight, BMW No. 55 8 587, pull out the fixed C885585 swinging arm bearing journal. x7577 Remove the swinging arm bearing journal.