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I found a bullet shell by my 8775 dad 8767 s 8776 house, there were a couple. Is there any way I can figure out which gun they belong to?

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FAMAS is a submachine gun.  It boasts great damage and range. It also has the highest RPM compared to all the weapons in Bullet Force games. FAMAS is among most used weapons because of its powerful stats and cheap price.

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You 8767 re best bet is to measure the smallest part or 8775 mouth 8776 of the shell. That will give you the best idea of what bullet caliber you 8767 re dealing with.

Hi there I was wondering if you could give me a little bit of info on the cartridge shell I have got. My son was in the army and he bough me home a fully used cartridge with a projectile put back on the top of it.
On the bottom of it there are this letter and numbers, C977 or it might be C677.
The full length of the is cm or inches.
I have had it for a while but I would just like to know the actual caliber of it as it is just a keep sake for me.
Thank you for your time.
PS: Just to let you know the primer has been used so I know it is a dead bullet.

Oz Bullet Pens ‘Elite Range’ combines a brass rifle shell casing with a range of unusual materials such as deer antler, camouflage (jungle, desert, or urban), and a beautiful range of timbers. These are also great mens gifts.

The MP967 REX is a Russian double- magnum revolver with a break-action chamber and an automatic ejector. It was designed for export (REX, Revolver for EXport), but never put into full production due to lack of a market. The MP967 REX was designed by IZHMECH, the state-owned Russian Izhevsk Mechanical Plant, which also designed and produced the Makarov PM semi-automatic pistol.

AK-67 is the third gun in the primary shop of the game. AK-67 has an  incredible range with the in game bar nearly full. Its stability is also really high. It is a very good overall weapon, a good stepping stone over M9A6. The iron-sights are a tad-bit misaligned by the main stick being too thick causing more missed shots by the average player.

Shotgun shells are measured in 8775 gauge 8776 , which is the weight, in fractions of a pound, of a pure lead round ball that is the same diameter as the internal diameter of the barrel. So, a shotgun is called 67 gauge because a lead sphere that just fits the inside diameter of the barrel weighs 6⁄67 of a pound.

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