Definition of Intangible Sales

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Brad Pitt and Skinny Spice.
George Clooney and Stacy Keibler.
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Must say (tho I hate doing it.) I really like Ashlee s dress.

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Intangible sales typically involves selling a service as opposed to a tangible product prospects can see, touch, smell or taste. A common example of an intangible item is an insurance policy. The policy consists merely of words on paper, which in itself means little to the policyholder. Instead, the policyholder receives intangible benefits that are more difficult to measure, such as security for his family and greater peace of mind.

I kind of like Emma s dress, and I think Michelle W looks quite lovely.

Angelina, not so much. She looks like she might snap in half any second.

Emily Blunt doesn t even look like herself anymore. She was so cute when she first started out now she s just getting to be plastic like every other girl. :(

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