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Canon EOS 550D - EOS Digital SLR and Compact System (Canon eos service manual pdf)


Canon EOS 550D - EOS Digital SLR and Compact System

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8 Slide Show (Auto Playback) [Transition effect] [Background music] Start the slide show. Press the W X keys to select [Start], then press 5. After [Loading image.] is displayed, the slide show will start. Exit the slide show. To exit the slide show and return to the setting screen, press the M.

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Viewing the EOS Camera Instruction Manuals Disk (DVD-ROM) Viewing the EOS Camera Instruction Manuals Disk (DVD-ROM) [MACINTOSH] EOS Camera Instruction Manuals Disk EOS Camera Instruction Manuals Disk XXX Copy the PDF Instruction Manuals contained on the disk to CEL-XXX XXX XXXXX XXXXX XXXXX.

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Formatting the CF Card About the x756C x756D Error Message If x756C x756D (CF error) is displayed on the LCD panel, it indicates a problem with the CF card that is preventing the image data from being recorded or read. Use another CF card instead. Or, if you have a commercially-available CF card reader that can read the CF card, use it to transfer the images in the card to a personal computer.


S Resizing JPEG Images Resize Options According to Original Image Size Available Resize Settings Original Image Size Image Sizes The image size displayed in step 8 on the preceding page, such as [***M ****x****], has a 8:7 aspect ratio. The image size according to aspect ratios is shown in the table below.

LCD panel. Fix this by setting the power switch to off and on. x7577 Using a non-Canon EF lens with an EOS camera may not result in proper camera or lens operation. x7577 When focus is achieved, the autofocus and auto exposure setting will also be locked.

The Software Developer Kit is provided free of charge and can be found at . Please visit this site to apply and gain access to the Canon SDKs, find SDK compatibility information with current and past Canon EOS and PowerShot models, and read FAQ's regarding Canon's SDKs.

System Map 655EX-RT/ Macro Ring Lite Macro Twin Lite ST-E7 ST-E8-RT 95EX 775EX II 875EX 985EX II MR-69EX II MT-79EX 655EX Bundled Eyepiece Extender EP-EX65II Accessories Rubber Frame Ef Eyecup Ef E-series Dioptric Adjustment Lenses Wide Strap Angle Finder C Semi Hard Case AC Adapter Kit EH77-L/EH79-L.

Contents Advanced Shooting s: Conveying the Subject x7569 s Movement....659 f: Changing the Depth of Field....656 Depth of Field Preview..... 658 a: Manual Exposure......659 q Changing the Metering Mode....666 Setting Exposure Compensation....667 Auto Exposure Bracketing....

Print Order settings If you set x756C Bordered, x756D certain printers may print the date on the border. The date may be hard to see on a light background or on the border. x7577 If [Print Type] is set to [Index], the number of thumbnail images that can be printed on the paper depends on the paper size: Credit card-size paper: 75 images, L size: 97, and postcard size: 68.

Chapters For first-time DSLR users, Chapters 6 and 7 explain the camera x7569 s basic operations and shooting procedures. Introduction Getting Started Basic Shooting and Image Playback Creative Shooting Advanced Shooting Shooting with the LCD Monitor (Live View Shooting) Shooting Movies Handy Features Image Playback Post-Processing Images Printing Images.