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Looks like Autodesk has an app you can use https:///us/app/inventor-publisher-mobile/id898697958?mt=8

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Jackie, it 8767 s hard for me to answer that without trying it myself or knowing how thick your batting is, but my guess is that just making the fabric 6/9 8798 to 6/7 8798 wider would be enough. If you try it out, we 8767 d love to hear about your results.

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Hello and Happy Holidays. I was wondering how this would work with a new tech I have noticed on line by using plastic bags melted ontop of each other.

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Thanks for the tutorial, I made my cover yesterday and I love it! I like that it can be fully customized to my taste. I used jeans fabric and added a bowtie and some appliques.

So glad you liked our formula, Cara, and kudos for venturing out into new crafts! Before you make a phone case with a magnet in it, you might want to research whether or not having the magnet that close can cause damage or not. I did some quick Googling and can 8767 t find a definitive answer either way. If you do decide to go the magnet route, though, try asking at your local fabric store. The staff there may be able to point you to a nice magnet clasp that would work well.

Becky, thanks so much for shedding some light on this! That photo certainly looks like it was made with our tutorial, but we didn 8767 t make it, and aren 8767 t sure who did.

Has anyone tried to use the mesh type plastic that normally is used to weave yarn or embroidery thru. PlastIc canvas I think it is called? Love the tutorial. Thanks so much for sharing

Use a ruler to measure 7 inches from the row of stitches and make a mark with a pen. Do this at both ends of the row of stitches.

Book Creator is one of the most popular education apps amongst teachers, and is used in classrooms from Kindergarten to college. Here’s what students have created:

Sarah, we have not tried this, but several of our readers have mentioned adding padding to this and to our Kindle cover. It seems like thin padding should fit fine with these measurements, but it wouldn 8767 t hurt to add an extra quarter inch or so to be sure. Enjoy!