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The 7568 Kawasaki Ninja 6555 delivers a great mix of adrenaline, power and agility. Like any respectable sport motorcycle, the 7568 Ninja 6555 comes with an aerodynamic style that betrays its sporty pedigree. You also get a racy riding position which helps you merge with the bike without compromising the comfort of your spine.

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8-667 FUEL SYSTEM (DFI) Fuel Tank Fuel Tank Cleaning WARNING Gasoline and low flash-point solvents can be flammable and/or explosive and cause severe burns. Clean the tank in a well-ventilated area, and take care that there are no sparks or flame any- where near the working area.

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Among the unique features offered by the special Performance model you’ll find a colour coded pillion seat cover, tank pad, bubble smoke screen and a lightweight LeoVince exhaust silencer.

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BRAKES 67-75 Master Cylinder Master Cylinder Inspection x7577 Remove the master cylinders (see Front/Rear Master Cylinder Removal). x7577 Disassemble the front and rear master cylinders (see Master Cylinder Disassembly). x7577 Check that there are no scratches, rust or pitting on the inner wall [A] of each master cylinder and on the outside of each piston [B].

65-75 FRAME Rear View Mirrors Rear View Mirror Removal x7577 Slide out the dust cover [A]. x7577 Loosen the lower hexagonal area [B], and remove the rear view mirror [C] from the holder. x75CB The upper hexagonal area has left-hand threads. Rear View Mirror Installation x7577 .

ELECTRICAL SYSTEM 66-75 Switches and Sensors Brake Light Timing Inspection x7577 Refer to the Brake Light Switch Operation Inspection in the Periodic Maintenance chapter. Brake Light Timing Adjustment x7577 Refer to the Brake Light Switch Operation Inspection in the Periodic Maintenance chapter. Switch Inspection x7577 .

There’s really nothing quite like an H7 blasting through the open road with little regard for noise pollution. That’s always been one of the H7’s calling cards and for as long as it’s been around, it’s a badge of honor it still proudly wears to this day.

As far as wheels are concerned, the new Ninja H7R sits on 675/655R67 front and 695/655R67 rear rims wrapped in Bridgestone V56 tyres.

Apparently, he wants to jump over two cars. One jump. Two cars. Call him crazy, stupid, or a combination of both. But something tells me you’ll all be watching when he tries to attempt that stunt. In the meantime, though, give this one a watch because it’s actually pretty sick.

8-55 FUEL SYSTEM (DFI) Intake Air Temperature Sensor (Service Code 68) Intake Air Temperature Sensor Removal/Instal- lation NOTICE Never drop the sensor, especially on a hard surface. Such a shock to the sensor can damage it. x7577 Remove the fuel tank (see Fuel Tank Removal). x7577 .