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But let 8767 s take this as an example: how does the fact that eternal and immortal can be analytically distinguished impact anything in my life? In other words, does it really matter that I can define God ontologically in a different manner from myself?

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Thank you for the lovely comments =]. I have a donation page her for my research but it is something I 8767 ve been thinking about!

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We inherit our humanity, and our inclination toward sin and rebellion which is too strong for us to overcome apart from the grace of God. Thus your hypothetical is not possible in this present age, Jesus obviously excepted. How it is passed down remains obscured in theological darkness.

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The new diagnostic criteria for BPD have been out for a while. I suggest having a look at those, as they try to take into account and describe inner workings and experiences and how they are connected in a what I find to be very well-structured way.

8775 I 8767 ve read second-hand that . Sproul said Christians have 8775 a fallible list of infallible books. 8776 Do you believe this? How does this factor into Protestant certainty? 8776

One might note a distinction between that which is eternal and that which is immortal. Only God is eternal because only God is without beginning or end. Man including the soul has a beginning. Even though we will continue to exist forever, we had a starting point. We have immortality, but we are not eternal. We are finite in that we had a beginning point. You can identify on a calendar when I came into being. Whatever someone may believe about the creation of the soul, I assume we all agree souls are in fact created, that every soul has a beginning point.

Nonetheless, I agree with you that we are limited in what we can say. But the author of life has spoken, and from what he has said, we can also speak.

The major differences between IDEA and Section 559 are in the flexibility of the procedures. For a child to be identified as eligible for services under Section 559, there are less specific procedural criteria that govern the requirements of the school personnel. Schools may offer a student less assistance and monitoring with Section 559 because there are fewer regulations by the federal government to instruct them, especially in terms of compliance.

I think the question very much at that point becomes not how good we are at Ministry of the Gospel, but instead becomes how good we are at not creating distractions from that Gospel in the name of 8775 being right 8776 .

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