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7Ways to Stop Stressing in Seconds | OPEN Forum (Why stress stop stressing documentary)


7Ways to Stop Stressing in Seconds | OPEN Forum

Дата публикации: 2017-12-23 16:02

Rather than stressing out over them, use your mindful breathing techniques to help you focus on the things you can control, such as the way you choose to react to problems.

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It’s simply the act of trying to be properly ‘aware’ of what you are doing at any given time, which in turn clears everything from your mind.

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Exercise! The right kind of exercise will help burn off some of that anxiety and will help you sleep better. If you workout too intensely, guess what? You actually cause your stress hormones to rise – not fall – and that makes our bodies store fat instead of releasing it! Exercise at a moderate intensity daily – not too hard or too easy, but middle to moderate is what works. If you can’t sing while you’re exercising, you’re working too hard! Slow down!

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Our collective anxiety levels have never been higher — indeed recent research found that one in five women confesses to feeling stressed most or all of the time. Much of  this stress is fuelled by our professional lives, with longer hours, ever-increasing workloads and diminishing job security all contributing.

If I’m planning to make a speech, I’ll inevitably get a bit nervous and excited beforehand. This can be a good thing, as adrenaline can help your performance.

If you notice a dart of fear in your chest, acknowledge it but don’t allow your mind to rush off on a convoluted fictional story about what might happen when you get to work.

No project, decision or workplace is ever perfect, so trying to attain perfection on everything will simply make you unnecessarily stressed.

When I stand to deliver my speech, I never wear my shoes. Not only do I feel more secure than I would trying to balance on heels, but I’m stronger and more grounded with my feet on the floor.

When the thoughts pop up, focus your breathing, your posture or whatever you are meant to be doing at that precise moment.

I snatch mindful moments whenever I can. During debates in the House of Commons, I sit on the back row and I’ve worked out that there are no camera angles that can get a view of my feet. If there were, the cameras might spot me sitting with my shoes off, mindfully focusing on the feeling of my feet firmly planted on the floor.